Tax-deductible contributions fund:

   $ 100:  

Pens and notebooks are cherished behind the walls because these basic tools allow the inmates to escape their cells briefly while they write. This gift will go towards new writing instruments for 3 inmates.


   $ 300:

You are supporting one inmate’s journaling efforts and communication with a mentor cheering them on for a year.


   $ 500:

Inmates are totally insolated from the outside world and don't know about books like Between the World and Me that are changing perceptions of Afro-American life. One book sent to an inmate is often xeroxed 15 to 20 times and shared by many.  The desire for knowledge is strong and building a library for inmates is an important part of our work. 


   $ 1000:

Our inmate investigative-writing team reports what is going on behind the walls - food, mental health issues, brutality by the guards. We don't want another Sing-Sing to occur where elderly inmates are beaten to death.


   $ 2500:

You are a real angel - this will help keep this project alive for another year.


Donations of $20 or more receive this book as a thank you gift!

Book cover Scrolls From a Forgotten World: Prisoners' Writings and Reflections

Our book: Scrolls from a Forgotten World: Prisoners' Writings and Reflections

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We hope you give what you can to this project, which is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, because it is a great opportunity to bring a little peace, a little bit of hope to those behind the walls and help change our horrific system. 

We would be very grateful if you made a tax-deductible contribution to help all of our efforts.

Our funds will not only go towards paying for each prisoners’ rehabilitative work (about $200/year) post boxes, etc. but also to pay very small salaries for the investigative work being done by the inmates behind the walls.  

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