For Incarcerated Citizens

A Mentorship Writing Program

Our book: Scrolls from a Forgotten World:

Prisoners' Writings and Reflections

"This collection is a dazzling testament to the drive and talent of these incarcerated authors, and to the truth that education is the key that sets us free."

Daniel Mendelsohn

Editor, The New York Review of Books

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Transforming Lives Was Created To Help Incarcerated Citizens So They Don't Get

Stuck In Prison's Revolving Doors  

What We Do:

1. We help individuals behind walls create their own rehabilitative programs

2. Assign them a mentor from the outside world so they can get support for writing - as a creative tool, as a necessary educational tool - and as a way to examine what led to becoming incarcerated.

3. Supply notebooks, pens, and educational resources  

4. Prepare prisoners to go before the Parole Board with their skills and journals when they're ready to be released.

One Incarcerated Citizen Explains Why
They Need Mentors From The Outside World
Inmate Opportunities - transforming lives

"The most important part of rehabilitation is helping us identify the factors in our lives that formed the seeds of our criminality – so we understand the huge mistakes we made and don't repeat them.

Inmate Opportunities - transforming lives

This work involves thinking deeply about what happened in your life and the choices you made. To honestly do that, you need the guidance and support of trusted mentors because many in here want us to stick with our old ways.  


Most of us have lost family support, or never really had a family to start with.  We feel totally isolated -  with no emotional grounding.


Inside, guards and counselors are not interested in helping inmates get into the programs that facilitate this kind of thinking. Why would they? It works against their own interests to keep the prisons full - more overtime. 


They know that without rehabilitation, we will make the same mistakes again and return to prison for even longer sentences.  According to the National Institute of Justice, within five years of release, about 3/4 of those released were rearrested. Some guards feel as stuck as the prisoners -- why should they help us to prepare for a better life when we get out if they can't?

Transforming Lives was designed by Cynthia Kling, two other prisoners, and myself. We know how hard it it is to ask for help because of how demeaned the system makes us feel and ways for motivated inmates to do this thinking and writing -- and get support while doing it -- with your help. The goal is to develop full productive lives. This is the way we all want to live, with dignity.




incarcerated 20 years ago

for 31 years to life.

Inmate Opportunities - transforming lives
Prison: Stories From Those Who've Been There
"Freedom Visits Me" by Hector Rodriguez
Read by Cynthia Kling

No one wants an 80 billion dollar prison system that

keeps people locked up

and doesn't work.

Inmate Opportunities - transforming lives

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Inmate Opportunities - transforming lives