Diamond Burton


(Letter to the Governor of New York and the U.S. President)


Do you really not know it is against the Law to beat your children?

Others like  myself  because  of  our  own  childhoods  would       not   beat our

children for any reason. It is not only unnecessary, but it is abusive.

It does not help a child become a better human being. It in fact instills fear. It causes -a   feeling of oppressiveness which cfan stay with a person most if not' all of their lives.

It can cause anxiety disorders like claustrophobia, agrophobia, and, or many others within children which can last throughout adulthood.

Such abuse causes a white hot fiery anguish that shatters a man or woman's emotions, self esteem, then sinks into his or her gut where it solidifies and festers. It becomes a knot of heavy lonely agony which will not go away.

Times can encase it in scar tissue, and the day by day business of living can dull the pain in the moment, but it does not heal. Abuse causes a losy within which can not be regained nor banished.

This causes a misguided anger within a person. An anger or rage which needs to be released but has no pointed direction for it stems from a feeling of helplessness.

Since it has no place to go it poisons from within because most of the time for long periods the abused is not even aware of the anger for their too busy feeling helpless.

I wrote the above to make a point… If it is against the Law to beat your children, even to assault others, why is it okay for the incarcerated to be physically, mentally, verbally abused on a regular basis in all of these upstate prisons by those here for Care, Custody, and Control… yes, the correction officers.

Yes, on some level every day. Each prison has a "black glove" or "blue" which is known for picking out their victims to instill fear. Five days out of seven in Attica you either see a beating take place or you hear about a beating of somebody you knew or know.

For women there is "Battered Wife Syndrome" for which there is  some kind of treatment. Once in a while she 1 11 kill her husband to protect herself.

For the child bearing woman there is, "Post Partum Depression. 11 Women have been known to not want anything to do with their children or even to kill them because of it. They receive help on many levels.

Then we have "Post Traumatic Stress," which is usually for ex-soldiers yet applies to many who have endured deep trauma in their lives. But soldiers have been known to come home and kill because their minds aren't right. But there is help for them also.

As you speak and report about the recidivism rate I ask, what should it be called when a· man makes a mistake in life, does prison time which is filled with abuse by those supposedly here for CARE, CUSTODY, and CONTROL.

Is it really unknown to you that he comes home with some form of "Post traumatic Stress"?

Do you really not know that coming back to prison is the least of. his problems when he has no ability to get hi mind right? Anger, rage, has built from a feeling   of  being helpless,  powerless, abused, which has already been a part of his life since childhood.

Do you really not know that maybe this has been the story of his life from a very young age and a part of the reason he ended up in prison from the beginning?

Most people in prison need a way to heal, so when you imprison  them  and  allow  the continued  abuse in  his life  by those for Care, 

Custody and Control, you have now created a bigger problem.

You have not made a solution.

As you take fathers from their children, you create a  new generation of abused children. To then allow those fathers to be abused to then send them back out ready for nothing, you begin to destroy your own nation.