I no longer cry

because no one cares

because no one listens

Rules are to be followed

by those who do not make them

Life is hard

for the man

who has no rights

So I write; I write about 

being alone

I write about injustice

I write about going to sleep

hungry & waking up cold

I write about being surrounded

by three walls & a cage; like a kennel

I relate to stories I read

that take place in the 1030’s

when a man had to hang his

head low & avoid eye contact

when being spoken to by authority

2016 & I’m the true story

of what’s life like as 

a slave.


By: Ghost Writer







When Will I Be?

         Will I be

         All I was made to be?

Will have,

All that was made for me?


         Will Devils laugh,

         As they lay wait for me?

Will I wander a Slave’s patch,

Wandering far, far away from free?


What is written in my Destiny?

Was what was scripted nonetheless to be.

Will Be?









Judge says, “Seventeen!”

Somehow I’ve spent one day?

Free! Even as slave.









I hope to be home on bond until September.

If we keep this pace, I’ll be done with trial by November.

I call myself  THE PHEONIXX,

But, I feel like a dying ember.

If the verdict comes back guilty,

Then twenty plenty years they won’t remember.

My Co-De’s still lie about what they saw,

Say they saw me the third member.

The D.A. wants to saw me down,

And not soul is yelling “TIMBER!”

The Judge don’t want to bend,

Even when the law is limber.

I heard Rehab got my mother.

That addiction still wants to pimp her.

My father is not around,

The stampede is coming now,

No Mufasa to save Simba.

My blood flows Africa Sahara,

But, still my heart pumps cold December.


My Attorney says, “Take the Ten.”

But on the table, only fifteen.

He says, “All The Evidence Is Circumstantial.”

Somebody please tell me W.T.F. is that supposed to mean?


And so its,

Trial or a Cop-out.

Cop-out is an outdate.

Trial is a knockout…

Trial or a Cop-out.

Cop-out is an outdate.

Trial is a knockout…





More to come...


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